Updated QB Rankings

Rankings by James Rucker



Fantasy TE: “Hot” Stats

Maybe not “hot” stats but I think TE’s are boring. They either don’t block well enough to be lineman or aren’t athletic enough to be WR’s so I decided to add some sex appeal. Just for you Gronkowski faithful, we are going to find his WR statistical doppelgänger to see where he should be drafted. As I write this I don’t actually know so, this should be fun for me too. (more…)


Top 5 Most Explosive WR’s

Like running back’s, there are stable volume receivers and home run hitters. Last article we looked at catch rate and broke down some high volume receivers but this group of explosive receivers would make Matt Millen blush. (more…)


PPR WR: Top 25 Catch Rate Breakdown

For this article we are going to take a look at the top 25 WR’s in the target to completion percentage (catch rate) category only. I’ve identified some potential sleepers, PPR specialists and a better outlook for what to expect in 2015. (more…)


James Kennedy’s Top 25 Fantasy QB Rankings

Rankings by James Kennedy

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