WR Effectiveness

Want some brilliant wide receiver analysis: there are a lot of them. So in an attempt to narrow your draft board we are going to break WR’s down using ADP and PE again the same way I did for RB’s and QB’s. WR’s get the most points per touch of any of the other groupings […]


RB Effectiveness

This article was originally posted on by James of Draftletes. Be sure to check out Roto Edge for your fantasy analysis. The fantasy running back is a clever mistress, not the type you bring to a family dinner. Drafting running backs is like trying to date the girl who slept with the entire lacrosse […]


AFC North Preview

In this article, we will tackle why the AFC North has arguably the best, and toughest division in football. We will also discover new talent among the teams and why they will succeed in the 2014-2015 season. Now we’re not saying that every team is a playoff contender but close. We will go through the […]


Quarterback Effectiveness

This article was originally posted on written by Draftletes James Rucker. Be sure to check out great fantasy analysis at and on twitter @RotoEdgeSports. A fantasy draft is the every man’s equivalent to the stock market. The players being the stocks, it can be difficult to place an accurate value on them. Looking […]


2014 Fantasy Draft Guide

This article was writing by James of Draftletes but was originally posted on Be sure to check out James and the rest of the Roto Edge Sports team there for the best fantasy analysis. Follow them on twitter @RotoEdgeSports As the days of summer continue to pass your potential lineup is hard at work […]


Back On Top? 2014 Fantasy Comebacks

Not another interception! Great he fumbled again! There goes that game! These are common words you will hear out of every fantasy football player’s mouth once September rolls around, and the season begins; trust me, we all experience the pain of a fantasy player bust. We will learn why these players disappointed last year, and […]


Draft Day Dominance & Sleepers

Draft Day Dominance & Sleepers That Will Shock Everyone In Your League As draft day approaches, these following tips, and tricks will help you dominate your draft. Whether you are in a Standard league, PPR, IDP, or Dynasty, you will want to continue reading as we discover simple, yet effective ways to be on your […]


Initial Quarterback Rankings

Peyton Manning: Drew Brees Aaron Rodgers Andrew Luck Cam Newton Matthew Stafford Colin Kaepernick Robert Griffin III Tom Brady Tony Romo Matt Ryan Russell Wilson Nick Foles Phillip Rivers Ben Roethlisberger Andy Dalton Ryan Tannehill Carson Palmer Eli Manning Johnny Manziel Ryan Fitzpatrick Josh McCown Joe Flacco Sam Bradford Geno Smith EJ Manuel Jake Locker […]


Fantasy Showcase: Seattle Seahawks

When I think about the Seahawks I imagine Pete Carroll talking about toxic differential during family dinners and personally placing Mr. Yuck stickers on the Seahawks playbooks. Seattle had the highest toxic differential in the NFL last season with a positive 66. This differential calculated by adding a team’s turnover differential and big play differential. […]

Rookie Quarterbacks: More Words Than Yards

I found myself debating rookie quarterbacks with a friend over a game of madden. As a Raider fan, he was pondering the possibilities of quarterback despite the addition of Matt Schaub. After some deliberation he asked me the question “Do you like any of these quarterbacks more than Geno Smith”? Geno had a disappointing rookie […]